Hello and Welcome to Sonicfield.us!

We are individually and collectively a Sonic Field.  Each and every aspect of life and all life combined create a Sonic Field.

Sonic – relating to or using sound waves

Field – region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective.

Everything is vibrating on a micro and macro level.  Everything that vibrates creates a sound and therefore a Sonic Field.

Who is Sonic Field?

Jaime Allen Poyant is extremely grateful to get to share his gifts and passion for creating Sacred Sound and Space as he has studied and practiced in the art of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies for over a decade along with being a Certified Empowerment and Firewalk Instructor, Reiki Master, and most recently a Certified Spiritual Finance Teacher.  Jaime seeks to help others in seeing and bringing forth their true self.

Alan Stonewolf is deeply committed to helping humans find and fulfill their highest truth.  He is a gifted intuitive trained in the art of Sacred Sound Transmission and Shamanic Traditions.  He is also certified in hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki, Shambala and Magnetic Healing.  Alan is a life-long musician and has been pursuing spiritual exploration for over 20 years.  With his music, sacred sounds, and rhythmic explorations, he creates a sacred space for others to experience empowerment, awakening, and integration of the authentic self.


As Sonic Field, Jaime Allen Poyant and Alan Stonewolf develop and bask in sacred sound and space in community with the gathered participants. Intention coupled with sound send powerful prayers into our live, the lives of others, the world and universe at large.  Playing music from our heart space we have the ability to transform and step into our majestic selves with ease, joy and grace.


Image taken in Four Elements Himalayan Salt Cave, Westport MA

Jaime (Rattle Builder) Allen Poyant


Alan (Drum Builder) Stonewolf