Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events and Services

Jaime Allen Poyant and Alan Stonewolf of Sonic Field invite you to come back to your center, create from your heart, and sound into existence your essential nature!

10/14 Earth’s Hidden Treasures – Sacred Sound Immersion

63 South Main Street, Assonet MA – 6-8:30pm – $45

Please contact ETH to reserve your spot – 508-644-7398

10/21 The Soul Purpose – Drum Build and Native American Style Flute Shaping

1211 GAR Highway, Unit 14, Swansea, MA – 11-6pm – See below for different instrument pricing

To register contact Jaime at 401-245-7979 or sound@sonicfield.us

10/28 Sangha New Bedford – Sacred Sound Immersion

693 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA – 7-8:30pm – $45 ($35 early bird)

To register contact NB Sangha at 508-990-0178 or jeff@sanghanewbedford.com

11/11 Blackinton Arts – Sacred Sound Immersion

200 N. Main St., Attleboro, MA – 6-8:30pm – $45

To register please call 508-639-9106 or email info@blackintonarts.com

12/9 Blackinton Arts – Drum Build and Native American Style Flute Shaping

200 N. Main St., Attleboro, MA – 11-6pm – See below for different instrument pricing

To register contact Jaime at 401-245-7979 or sound@sonicfield.us

12/16 The Soul Purpose – Sacred Sound Immersion

1211 GAR Highway, Unit 14, Swansea, MA – 7-9:30pm – $45

To register please contact The Soul Purpose at 508-617-4088 or info@thesoulpurposema.com

Brief descriptions of events with Alan and Jaime:

Sound Immersion – The Immersive Sacred Sound vibrational field created has been experienced by many as a vehicle to moving and releasing energy blocks, quieting the mind, thus promoting feelings of deep peace, clarity and well-being.

Drum Circle – Come and ground yourself in celebratory and reverent vibes during this drum, dance, sound event as Sonic Field will guide the group gathered and hold space first for an ecstatic drum and dance circle, then moving into a more subtle sound circle.

Drum & Rattle or Flute Build – The drum, rattle, and flute are a part of native heritage from tribal cultures all over the world. In this workshop you will be supplied everything you need to create your own frame drum and accompanying beater, rattle or Native American style flute. While you are making your creations Alan and Jaime will teach you the care and feeding of your instrument, as well as how to use them in healing and cleansing ceremonies. Drum choices are $250 – 16”, $270 – 18”, $290 – 20”, Deer, Elk or Horse. Rattles are made with Elk hide – $180. Native American Style Flute Shaping – $190. Minor keys available A, F#, and G.

Intro to the Art of Sacred Sound Healing – The power of Sacred Sound effects the mind, body and spirit on a deep, cellular level.  In these full day workshops you will learn how to utilize sound to step into a greater sense of self and wholeness as well as come away with clarified and heart centered mind set for utilizing sound in your life whether at home, in groups or in your energy practices.  

Group events with Jaime solo:

Grandmother Drum Meditation – Join us for this Gathering Drum Meditation where we will utilize a 36” Gathering Drum to connect our hearts with the heart of the earth and the heart of the cosmos.

Guided Sound Meditation – Go on a Guided Sacred Sound Journey to healing lands for clarification, empowerment and transformation.

Clearing Clutter with Sound – Are you ready to clear the cluttered spaces in your life?  Come explore ways of using sound to disperse clutter energetically and physically while aligning a given space with heart centered use.